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September 1, 2007

Ever had a case of road rage, plucking at the chicken a tad too angrily, or tossing in bed, unable to sleep, remembering how Danny bullied you in third grade twenty years ago? How well do you know your darker self? Find out if it’s something others have to be worried about.

Licious Verdict: 10

“The odd quirk in your personality is nothing to worry about, it might even be getting you a few more social invites than the more dull among us. So party on, you’re not a threat to society.”

I am somewhat disappointed, yet somewhat relieved at my level of neurosis.


Well-Oiled Machinery

June 14, 2007

I was set to type up something fun that’s recently happened when WordPress sucked the wind out of my sails; with an FYI that feed stats feature has been given the boot, I was thrown into an impromptu research as to what to do about it. And being I know this much *lifts thumb and index fingers one inch apart* about the technical side of blogging, I spent an obscene amount of time over it. Exhausting.

Now, it’s not a vanity thing, though it heartens me to know my one loyal reader (hi, Grandma!) can bear my puerile ramblings. I’m still not clear as to the point of this blog, what purpose it serves me, apart from the fact that it’s entertaining me, so that reader feedback is pretty useful in knowing if I’m entertaining anyone else.

So, if you’re up for some more drivel, do update your rss feed link to the new one. The old one will be gone in a few. As for the rest, same old, same old.