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They Call It Personal Space

August 7, 2007

These two ads had me chuckling for a while. The first one is a print ad for Nivea deodorant. Mea culpa for the lack of credits.

Well, that guy better call this other guy and they need to do some talking, stat.

Telephonic List by Leo Burnett- Brazil for Oral-B (Mouth Wash); Art Director: Adalberto Guedes Santana

Snagged from sandeepmakam, check it out for tons of ad goodies.


Speaking in Tongues

July 24, 2007

Click to zoom in

From Joe Public (Johanessburg, South Africa) for client Pharos English-Afrikaans Dictionary. Great blend of humor and class. I certainly give them points for grabbing one’s attention. Perfectly disturbing .

Snagged from ibelieveinadv

Roaring PAMs

July 19, 2007

Cannes Lions 2007 winner TBWA\PARIS created Signature, a beautifully animated public awareness message for Amnesty International to illustrates graphically how a simple signature on a petition can provide real help to victims of torture, abuse, arbitrary imprisonment.”

Tipped by Neato

Another Gold Winner is this outdoor PAM, Tree, from WWF by OGILVY & MATHER, Bangkok. Reminds me of Silverstein’s The Giving Tree.

Simple and evocative, beautiful execution.

To make up for the slightly gloomy PAMs, here’s a cute Maria Sharapova ad for Nike entitled I Feel Pretty, also a Gold winning piece from WIEDEN+KENNEDY, Portland.


And isn’t this Grand Prix winning billboard just so awesomely clever? Power to the People by NET#WORK BBDO, Johannesburg for NEDBANK. A Billboard that makes a real difference by powering up a town!


French Lovin’ and the Non-sequitur of Kathy Bates

July 18, 2007


Ah, erm… some field action going on there.

In a bid to attract Londoners, Regional Tourism Committee of Paris Ile-de-France commissioned a campaign that highlights the city as the Capital of Humor as well as host of several Rugby World Cup matches, including the championship match. This is the cheekier one.


The entirety is beautifully photographed, click for a closer look.

I have a feeling Europeans will be unfazed by this campaign.

I know it’s totally different game, but the menacing mama Kathy Bates is in my head saying, “My son ain’t playin’ no foosball.”

Nicked from Offsprung