Protection with Teeth


“Rapex – dubbed the ‘rape trap’ – is a product worn internally by women. The hollow inside is lined with rows of razor-sharp hooks, which are designed to latch on to a rapist’s penis during penetration. They can only be removed by a doctor.”

With the world’s highest rape incidence (and relevantly high HIV/AIDS transmission in South Aftrica at 5 million, and where 200,000 people die of AIDS yearly), a call for a defense product such as this was answered by Sonette Ehlers. According to the First Post article, feminist groups oppose the contraption for being medieval and akin to chastity belts. This puts the burden of addressing a male problem on women.

My take is, welcome to reality where you can get raped for wearing your favorite sexy dress. It happens. And in South Africa, the danger is exponentially higher. You don’t always get your ideal government who’s aggressive in protecting women’s welfare. Or at least, not quickly enough. You want a male morality overhaul, you won’t be getting it on time, at 1.7 M rape cases annually.

Logically, this does not and should not derail whatever legislative action is being undertaken in repairing this social atrocity, but merely provides an option of protection or, at least, deterrence. Feminist groups should be badgering and reprimanding the government instead for its apathetic stance on the issue. Then maybe one day it would be ridiculous for women to even consder an invention like this.

“She believes the product, priced at one Rand, will be particularly useful for poorer black women who walk long distances to and from work.” I think the possibility that a potential victim is wearing one of these will serve as a significant deterrence. On the question of victim safety, they argue that it could provoke further violence once the contraption takes a bite. Although the level of pain is untested on a real member, assuming the microscopic barbs inflict enough pain, I would bank greater on the possibility that the perp would be more concerned about his appendage than retaliating. Besides, a defensive claw across the face, kick in the jewels or drawing out a gun, mace, or pocketknife from your purse equally presents a deadly retaliation.

Ideally, I wish there was no need for it, but there is. I do not consider myself less of a feminist by welcoming this option on the shelf. At the least, I would be more concerned about the (dis)comfort it gives the wearer.

However, further product efficacy testing would be most welcome

H/T and more interesting info on David Boles’ post.

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