Amen, آمين, Amen

Religion is definitely a force no one can afford to not understand. For believers, there appears to be a need, now more than ever, to assert their right and/or way of life, especially in this modern world that is deemed deteriorating with the aid of secularism and is corrupting certain values. Some take a more aggressive stand and, consequently, steps to take back what they feel is being lost. They are God’s Warriors. Politics, faith, biblical history, democracy– lines must be drawn, but it is hard especially when points of conflict overlap each other, implying the only solution is to obliterate the others.

I finally saw the documentary God’s Warriors by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. It is a fascinating reportage on three powerful and controversial groups (Jewish, Christian and Muslims), with commentaries from inside people that range from fleshing out their struggle, to some moderates speaking against the fundies. Some questions are answered, to a chilling degree; some raise more questions; however, a peek into what moves these groups is very much needed and make everyone more aware of how to take action.

If you prefer to catch it on YouTube:
God’s Warriors: Islam, Judaism, Christianity.

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