Everyone’s probably aware of Oscar by now, the feline dubbed as the harbinger of death. From a quiet nursing home pet, this cat gains fame for a chilling reason– an uncanny ability to select which among the nursing home’s patients is to leave shortly… as in within hours shortly, within 4 hours to be precise.

Nurses say Oscar makes his rounds and curls next to sick patients in their final moments, thus alerting the staff and, consequently, the patient’s relatives. So far, Oscar’s correctly warned of 25 instances, something that discombobulates doctors and researchers, but has brought comfort to the relatives of the deceased patient.

This is an amazing animal, true.

Maybe it’s just me, but if I were in a place that has a relatively high mortality rate and a cat with this rep decides to sit on my bed one morning, stare me down with those knowing eyes, Oscar will have something to do with my sudden bout of hyperventilation and arrhythmia.

“Dr Dosa described how Oscar once settled on the bed of a patient. Relatives began a vigil.”

It’s a good thing this cat doesn’t have a wicked sense of humor.

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