Morning Hustle

I’m a bad wake-upper. For some people, eyelids automatically flutter open at the faintest break of light. Jeez, even without a clock. I’m not one of them. Snooze is my best friend. A highly abused friend. If I have to wake up for a really really really important gig, I require three alarms. Two clocks (most likely snoozed through) and my phone (the official call that I’m shit behind schedule and should be panicking) . I tried everything. Radio, wet towel, glass of water, even cookies at my bedside table to jumpstart a first-ring rise. Nada. I think I need a clock that’ll set my bed on fire if I try to stall for some shut eye. Or find one with a horrifyingly obnoxious ring.

Speaking of clocks, this is a pretty nifty gift. Once it rings, it shoots off four puzzle pieces from its top. The only way you can turn it off is by setting the pieces back together. Cute. And most likely annoying a 6:30am. But cute. I hope this is shockproof.

Snipped from CubeMe

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