Want to tour your childhood home demolished ten years ago? Quite possible. All you need are tons of pics and a software.

Über-cool software Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth was discussed by Blaise Aguera y Arcas in a TED talk (go watch the video!). How much data can you read off a square inch of your monitor? Apparently, infinite. And skimming photos of gigabytes file size with unbelievable ease is possible. Yes, no more making paper clip sculptures as you wait for hi-res pics to load at a snail’s pace!


The more important feature: Simply put, Photosynth gives you the capacity to create a fluid multi-dimensional composite out of several flat images of the subject. A simple Flickr search of Notre Dame (as per demo) resulting to hundreds of images can be parlayed to a virtual hi-definition 3D tour of its facade, even interiors! So, the more and better-tagged the images on Flickr (or any photo community) are, the better these composites get.
From basic personal use to forensics–possibilities of its application are endless and exciting (eh, and malicious exploits are to be expected, naturally). I’m pretty sure this technology isn’t making as much waves in intel/tech-dependent communities (i.e. military, NASA), but for li’l ol’ end-consumers like us, especially those who’ve gone gaga over virtual communities (Second Life, anyone? mind-boggling), this is awesome stuff. I wonder what market this product will be targeting specifically, which would definitely affect pricing.

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