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Call it a quirk, but I’m a bills person. Even if I have enough loose change, I pay for things with notes and save all the coins. I dislike having to bring them out, to sort them on my palm and stack them up. Whipping out a crisp bill is just easier (and yes, I arrange them facing the same way and by increasing denomination). Also, I tend to spend less when I see the number of bills left in my wallet dwindling, despite the alarming accumulation of coins. My wallet management teeters on the brink of psychosis. It’s not unusual for my bag to be five pounds heavier by the end of the week. And I already have a heavy bag to begin with– a whole ‘nother issue that requires a post of its own. Anyway, what do I do with those chunk o’ change? Mostly they sit in jars, coin dishes and in my 18″ slim can and, by the end of the year, I marvel at how much I saved. Given my penchant for coins, I should probably get one of these. I am hypnotized by its lips.

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